Weatherford Kuwait

Weatherford Kuwait for Petroleum Services (WKPS) was established exclusively for our business partner Weatherford Inc. We are very proud to be associated with Weatherford in Kuwait. Weatherford is one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies providing innovative solutions, technology, and services to the oil and gas industry. WKPS being an Integrated Solution provider, offers various services to Kuwait Oil Company and Joint Operations (KGOC + Saudi Arabia Chevron) at Wafra.

Oilfield Corrosion Engineering & Chemical Treatment Services

Corrosion Engineering Services:

We are a leading developer and manufacturer of specialized chemical intermediates with extensive experience in bundling production services and robust performance laboratory capabilities. We are uniquely positioned to answer your needs through custom chemical solutions.

Made-to-order each time, every time

Our heritage and vast knowledge base of tailor-made chemistries allow us to offer phosphonates, phosphates, quaternary ammonium chlorides, imidazolines, amides, polyacid-amine salts, ethoxylated amines and polymers in our intermediates portfolio.
Our R&D and technical support divisions recommend and help you select the right chemical product. They take into account the means of application, the conditions prevalent where the product is required, the composition of fluids, and chemical compatibility.

Custom corrosion solutions

In-house performance tests can be run with electrochemical techniques, such as bubble tests, rotating-cylinder electrode tests and jet impingement tests. For coupon techniques we use high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT), high-shear rotating autoclaves as well as static methods. If a batch treatment is required, we are able to propose other techniques.

Custom H2S solutions

Our R&D division is authorized to operate in an H2S environment; so we are able to check gas levels in your fluids as well as run performance tests offering non-hazardous products, such as H2S scavengers, mercaptans, iron sulphide dissolvers and sulphur solvents. All H2S and mercaptans scavengers are tested with the bubble-tower method. For scavenger tests, we use H2S/CO2 or distribution of most volatile mercaptans as gas inlet mixtures. Gas outlet mixtures are monitored until the product inside the tower is completely spent to check the appearance of by-products. Gas mixtures, fluid compositions and operational parameters can be modified to reproduce your well’s conditions. As a field service, we also offer the unique WSC-247 unit, which can monitor levels in vapor both inside and outside scrubbers, lift stations and other applications.

Chemicals portfolio

WKPS offers an extensive selection of conventional and proprietary chemical applications pertinent to oil and gas production:

  • Asphaltene and paraffin inhibitors
  • Biocides
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Defoamers
  • Demulsifires
  • Friction reducers
  • H2S scavengers
  • Hydrate inhibitors
  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Pipeline cleaning chemicals
  • Pipeline hydro-test chemicals
  • Scale inhibitors
  • Sulphur solvents
  • Surfactants and foamers
  • Viscosity reducers
  • Sand control
  • Water-clarifying agents
  • Other oil treatments